House Full of Dogs

Adventures of Angel and Chaos



We’ve mentioned before in one of Storm’s photos that she was going to be a new mommy. Unplanned surprise but we’re always happy for any addition to our family.


2 new baby girls. Frost is the grey one and Haze is the darker one. They are both healthy and such a joy to the House Full of Dogs.



Mommy is putty in our hands!

We asked for a Facebook account, we got them; we asked for a Tumblr account, we got it; we asked for Twitter, we got it; we asked for WordPress, here we are. But when we asked her for an Instagram account, she said that’s where she is going to draw the line.

First we don’t have our own phone to do our own instagram post (well, before we get a phone, she says, we should grow opposing thumbs first). Second, we are what she posts most of the time on her own Instagram account. If she gives in to this last request, what will she end up posting?

Well, guess who won in this argument?


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