House Full of Dogs

Adventures of Angel and Chaos


rain and stormI am Storm.

When we were babies, the mommies said it was difficult to tell me and Rain apart because we looked so much alike. But when we learned how to whine and cry, they gave me the name Storm because I am the loudest.

stom smallI still am. I am definitely a force to be reckoned with. You have to hear my call or suffer the consequences. Mommy says my voice gives her migraines sometimes especially when I practice my prowess within the four walls of our house, with all the windows and doors shut.

I am also the biggest member of the House full of dogs. The mommies are wondering if I really am my mother’s daughter because I am now bigger than her.

I am the sweetest cuddle bug in the House and the mommies just love picking me up and carrying me around like a baby because I know how to hug back.

You are definitely going to hear more from me. Maybe not my voice but more of my stories here in the House Full of Dogs.


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