House Full of Dogs

Adventures of Angel and Chaos


I am wittle Wain.

When we were tiny bitty babies, the mommies noticed i wasn’t getting big like the othes. They say I was so wittle, like tiny waindwops falling on the window. That’s why my name is Wain.

rain smallAnd because I am wittle, I can get away with muwdew! The mommies say thewe is only one twick i am an expewt on, and that is to look weally. weally cute and helpwess, and cute.

Oohh but don’t be fooled by my fwail, tiny body. I can be mean too. I can scweam weally loud even though my voice is weally weally small and high pitched. That’s why the mommies know wight away when I’m the one bawking.

I am the smallest membew of the House Full of Dogs, I’m even smallew than my daddy chiwawa. I guess I got more chiwawa in me than my bwothews and sistew. But I got the pwincess pewsonality fwom my mothew the queen.

Ooh, you gonna wead a lot of stowies fwom me, yes yes yes!


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