House Full of Dogs

Adventures of Angel and Chaos


My name is Ice.

ice silverThe mommies gave me that name because they said when I was a baby I had this silver-like coat on me, which of course changed color as I grew.

baby iceI am the resident goof ball. The mommies say just looking at my face makes them want to laugh. But they said, it was a good kind of laugh. I don’t know what it is about me that they find funny. I am a sweetheart… a funny sort of sweetheart.

ice smallJust like Chaos, I too am protector of the House. Even though my face looks scared all the time, all ye strangers who dare enter our domain, beware for I bite! Nobody enters the House Full of Dogs without being cleared by me!

But even though I am goofy, I am the most obedient, well-behaved, and most charming goofball there is here in the House full of Dogs.


Now that we are old enough to tell you our story, you are definitely going to hear more from us.



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