House Full of Dogs

Adventures of Angel and Chaos

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Who done it?

We live in a crazy doghouse. But despite the accidents and the dog hair that seem to stick everywhere, we are not going to change it for the world.

Here’s one reason, they make us happy. These little furballs sure know how to make us laugh. Watch this and you’ll see why.



Explanation from Mommy

Ok, the furry pack of monsters, I mean MASTERS, asked me to post a blog explaining why they have been absent from blogging for 5 months. They have been at me all morning telling me that their “fans” might think they’ve hibernated (“But we’re not bears”, Angel said).

So here goes… Sorry, I’ve got nothing. So just to appease my precious masters, I am going to say that it is all my fault they haven’t blogged. Not much of an explanation but that’s all it really is.

I hope they forgive me. Maybe if they read these poems I wrote about them years ago, they will.


The first time that I saw you
Almost brought tears to my eye.
You were such a beautiful baby
It made me want to cry.

Then they laid you in my arms
And boy did you try to break free
But when I loosened my grip on you
You just climbed to my face and kissed me

I knew right then that I wanted you
So I told the guy “We’ll take her”

To those who said you can’t buy love
Might not have been a puppy lover.

That was more than 2 years ago
I can’t believe you’re turning three
It seem not so long ago
When you were just a puppy.

Now you’re a mommy too my dear
Making me a proud granny
But doesn’t matter how many litters you have
You are and will always be my baby.

My Little Boy

Dear sweet little boy,
My sunshine with four feet.
Love of my life
You make me complete.

You know all my secrets,
My raves and my rants.
You know about my dreams,
My needs and my wants.

You listen with your eyes
And your paw on my hand,
And though you don’t say a word
I know you understand.

You seldom complain
And never criticize,
But it breaks my heart every time
You plead with your eyes.

Dear sweet little boy,
Don’t look at me that way,
It pains my heart to leave you
But it’ll only be for the day.