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Kabang, The hero dog.


When mommy first read to us the story of Kabang, the hero dog from the Philippines, we got really excited about her bravery and gallantry.  She lost her nose when she saved 2 girls from an oncoming motorcycle. Now her life, and the lives of those who love her, will never be the same thanks to a lot of paw friends who came together to help a hero.


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Kabang, the snoutless dog

Kabang wasn’t always snoutless; she was just a family dog in the Philippines.  And then one day in December 2011, she leaped in front of a motorcycle to save the lives of the family’s daughter and niece. (click to read more)

Author: Angel&Chaos

We're Angel, the Pomeranian starlet, and Chaos, the Chihuahua protector and Mommy calls us the DYNAMIC DUO! We always get into trouble trying to stick our little heads into our Mommy's stuff. But at the end of the day, we are still her favorite snuggle pups.

3 thoughts on “Kabang, The hero dog.

  1. Oh poor brave Kabang. Donna is supposed to be a loyal local mongrel too, but she’s not very brave 😛 Thank you so much for sharing this story Angel and Chaos!

  2. Wow. What a beautiful story of bravery!

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