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Mommy subscribes to this “Life With Dogs” Facebook page who posts links to videos and other stuffs that’s on their Life With Dogs website. She shows us some of the photos and read us posts about dogs who have done some heroic deeds and such. But she particularly loves videos of stray or abandoned dogs who are being rescued. Here’s one she just saw this morning…

Whenever she would watch one of these videos, she would look at us all funny and hug us and tell us that she will never abandon us and that she loves us so much. Mommy sometimes gets sappy like that, but we love her still because of that.

Well, we know we are lucky to have a home and a family who loves us and would do anything for us. This Christmas, we wish that people who are thinking of getting a dog would rather adopt than buy one from a store, or even foster one and give them that feeling of family for the holidays. We do have feelings too and more than anything, we want to be loved and appreciated, doesn’t anyone?

Author: Angel&Chaos

We're Angel, the Pomeranian starlet, and Chaos, the Chihuahua protector and Mommy calls us the DYNAMIC DUO! We always get into trouble trying to stick our little heads into our Mommy's stuff. But at the end of the day, we are still her favorite snuggle pups.

4 thoughts on “Life with Dogs…

  1. Watched this one the other day, love this organization, so happy for her now! Your right, every time I watch one of these I just want to hold Kirby a little closer…

  2. I was a rescue dog….this definitely pulls at my heart strings!

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