House Full of Dogs

Adventures of Angel and Chaos

Drama king?


By Angel

I’ve lived with Mommy and Mamoy G for almost 4 years now and in 2 different countries, so I guess I know them more than peepsqueak here.
I used to be bratty before too. Mommy said I had separation anxiety because I would poop all over the room whenever they would leave me alone, and that used to be just about 3 hours at a time! Well, I’ve outgrown that, but Mr. Drama King over here wouldn’t listen to me when I tell him that they’d be back! He’s been with us more than a year already but he does his little poor-me drama every morning! Sheesh!
Will somebody please tell him that he’ll be fine and Mommy is coming back. I’m tired of explaining.

Author: Angel&Chaos

We're Angel, the Pomeranian starlet, and Chaos, the Chihuahua protector and Mommy calls us the DYNAMIC DUO! We always get into trouble trying to stick our little heads into our Mommy's stuff. But at the end of the day, we are still her favorite snuggle pups.

6 thoughts on “Drama king?

  1. you need to tell the dog that lives downstairs from us the same thing. He is a soft-coated Wheaton and he howls and barks the entire time his parents are gone. He won’t stop til they come home

  2. What a picture of pure cuteness…just have some more patience with him maybe he will get it soon that your Mommy always returns. Hugs and nose kisses

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