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Rain and Storm alert!


Ok, somebody has not been doing a better job at rounding the puppies and keeping them off mommies plants! (Angel: “Oh, were you talking to me?” Chaos: “Duh! Who else should be disciplining them? You’re the mother!” Angel: “And you’re the dad!” Chaos: “And they are all bigger than me now! Besides, they don’t listen to me.”)

Yup, Storm, who is now almost bigger than Angel, just trampled one of Mommy’s flowers and cut it right down to the ground. We thought she’d be more well behaved being the smartest of all 4 of them, but, when it comes to mischief, they all got it from Angel, no matter how smart. (Angel: “WHAT? They are puppies, what do you expect? They are curious and playful and very lovely. You still get into trouble and you’re not a puppy anymore, but size-wise… no wonder why the puppies don’t listen to you.” Chaos: “Hmph!”)

Anyway, the puppies love Mommy’s garden as much as we do, and they sure love flowers! Here are just some random photos of Rain and Storm smelling the flowers!

Storm’s big bum

Rain: Hi Mommy

Rain: Oh what’s this… pretty!


Author: Angel&Chaos

We're Angel, the Pomeranian starlet, and Chaos, the Chihuahua protector and Mommy calls us the DYNAMIC DUO! We always get into trouble trying to stick our little heads into our Mommy's stuff. But at the end of the day, we are still her favorite snuggle pups.

2 thoughts on “Rain and Storm alert!

  1. yep! I see that plant about to take a HUGE fall! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. Beautiful plants! We think sweet Storm is probably sorry that she trampled your mom’s plant. We love that last picture. Hugs and nose kisses

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