House Full of Dogs

Adventures of Angel and Chaos

Happy Angel!


By Angel

When Mr Penguin almost died (you can read about him in Mommy’s blog here), Mommy thought it would be better to lay him to rest so he wouldn’t incur any more injuries. She placed him on the top shelf to remind her of the happy memories Mr. Penguin and I had, and at the same time, keep him safe.

I accidentally saw him up there one day and asked Mommy to give him to me. At first she said no, but I insisted. Kept begging her and begging her. When she didn’t budged, I cried and cried until she couldn’t take my anguish anymore and gave Mr. Penguin to me. She told me to take it easy with Mr. Penguin because he is old and that if he receives anymore cuts and lacerations, he might die and we would have to bury him. Oh no! I wouldn’t let Mr. Penguin die!

So I laid Mr. Penguin on the carpet and we just talked. We talked and talked and I kissed him and told him I love him very much and didn’t want him to leave me. When we were done, I gave Mr. Penguin to Mommy to put back up on the shelf so he can rest.

One day, the mommies were gone for so long. Both Chaos and I were pacing the room trying to hold in what we have to hold in. When they came, Mommy called us aside and said she had something for both of us. Then she pulled out what looked like Mr. Penguin out of a bag. I looked at it, then glanced at the shelf where I know Mr. Penguin slept, and he was still there. Then Mommy pulled a smaller one from the bag and gave it to Chaos. NO! That’s Mr. Penguin’s baby, Mumble! I grabbed Mumble from Mommy’s hand before Chaos could take him and ran to the room. Then I remembered I forgot Lovelace! So I ran back out to get Lovelace. They both look so much like Mr. Penguin! I again went out to where mommy was and asked if she could get Mr. Penguin for me. Since she already know that I wouldn’t harm Mr. Penguin, she handed him to me and I carefully placed him in bed with Mumble and Lovelace. Now I’m a Happy Pom to have my 3 Happy Feet!

Author: Angel&Chaos

We're Angel, the Pomeranian starlet, and Chaos, the Chihuahua protector and Mommy calls us the DYNAMIC DUO! We always get into trouble trying to stick our little heads into our Mommy's stuff. But at the end of the day, we are still her favorite snuggle pups.

3 thoughts on “Happy Angel!

  1. Reblogged this on Thriving Pessimist… and commented:
    I knew Angel was going to love to have new “Mr. Penguins”, and I was right. She wouldn’t even let Chaos play with them!

  2. Angel, I’m so happy to see that you are an equal-opportunity doggy: even if a toy is old and worn-out, it still can be a fun toy to play with and give attention to…and I think Mr. Penguin is very appreciative of all the attention you give him!

  3. your Mom is so sweet to have brought you home another penguin!!! Soooo cute! I know you are being kind to the original Mr.Penguin!

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